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Volunteer Information
Sunnyvale Little League is entirely a volunteer run organization. Parents / guardians are required to fulfill a volunteer obligation during the season. Here is a list of volunteer positions available:

League Level Positions

Coaching Roles
  • Team Manager / Head Coach: Responsible for running the team including practices and games; instruct players in proper baseball skills; involve parents with the team and league activities; works with team scorekeepers, extra team assts and team reps to assign job responsibilities according to the needs of the team; will take on team safety officer responsibilities including inspecting player's equipment, bringing team first aid kit and safety manual to each practice and game. Manager positions are available per division: Junios, Majors, Minors, Farm, Pioneer, T-Ball, Challenger
  • Assistant Coach: Serves as an assistant to the Team Manager. Helps to instruct players in baseball skills; helps at practices and games; make sure players and parents have fun; assists manager with team safety officer responsibilities.
  • Player Try-Out Assistant Coaches: Assist instructional coordinator with the following tasks at one or more of the try-out sessions. Monitor a group of players, as they progress through the evaluations and skills. Setup and assist with various skills stations. Field setup & breakdown.
  • Post Season Tournament Director: Manages the overall post season tournament games, which are hosted by SVLL. The tournament director is responsible for working with tournament volunteers who operate score keeping, annouce and pitch count for all post season games.

Equipment Roles
  • Equipment Assistants: Assists the Equipment Director with the distribution, collection and maintenance of team issues equipment.
  • Uniform Coordinator Assistants: Assists the uniform coordinator with the distribution and collection of uniforms

Facilities & Organizational Roles
  • Facilities Team: Assists the Facilities Coordinator with 1) putting up and taking down dugout and backstop tarps (before opening day and after tournament games finish); 2) putting up chain-link home run fence safety top-rail cover at the Majors field; 3) painting the Minors outfield fence lines weekly starting from Opening Day until Closing Day. The 2019 Facilities Weekend will be held on March 2nd and 3rd, 2019.
  • Opening & Closing Day Manager: Works with the board to organize everything for Opening Day and directs volunteers with set up (7am - start of first game) and clean up (end of last game). Will require tasks prior to Opening Day. Training provided.
  • Opening & Closing Day Volunteers: Help with setup of fields for opening day & closing day and assist with cleanup of these facilities at the end of the day. Training provided.
  • Field Banner Volunteers: Arrive before the first game on Sunnyvale LL Majors field and put up Sponsor Banners and return after the last game of the day and put the banners away.

Food Services Roles
(Note: these do not satisfy each family's snack shack volunteer obligation, which is a separate league obligation)
  • BBQ Buyer: Purchases and prepares tri-tip, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions prior to Sat. games.
  • BBQ Propane Buyers: Makes sure the propane tanks used for the BBQ are full and ready to go Sat. mornings by 10am.
  • BBQ Grill Maintenance: Makes sure the BBQ grill is kept clean and in good working condition; fires it up and checks it prior to Opening Day and checks it once a month and gives it a good cleaning at the end of the season after the volunteer BBQ.
  • BBQ Supervisors: Arrives at Snack Shack 9am on your scheduled Saturday to set up BBQ area with the help of the BBQ volunteers scheduled. There will be a training meeting and other information available to set up the BBQ area and guidelines the volunteers must follow while cooking. You will be responsible to communicate the guidelines to the volunteers. Come back to the field at the start of the last game of the day (usu. 2pm) to clean up the BBQ area (may take up to an hour and a half). All dishes must be washed and dried and put away in the storage shed along with all BBQ equipment. ***This is NOT the same as the team level position for cooking on the BBQ***
  • Snack Shack Buyer: Assists Snack Shack Manager with ordering and delivery, picking up purchases at Smart & Final and Golden State Ice Cream Company. Smart & Final and Golden State Ice Cream would possibly be every other week.
  • Snack Shack Beverage Coordinator: Works with established vendor for CO2 tanks as well as handling the changing of the tanks and managing to soda machine. Replacing soda and contacting Coca Cola if the machine needs repairs. We will be ordering the syrup through Sysco and using a separate vendor for CO2 tanks, so we are looking for someone to be the coordinator for the season. It would be nice to have a back up and training is provided.
  • Snack Shack Scheduler:
    Obtains game schedule for entire league prior to season and creates the schedule of when the teams will be responsible to cover the Snack Shack and BBQ. Also requires sending out reminders to team contacts if they haven't provided the volunteer information. Every week , the schedule should be posted in the Snack Shack by Sunday evening. Training provided and Snack Shack Manager will assist as needed.
  • Snack Shack Supervisors: Responsible for opening and closing snack shack typically for 1 week or 3-4 games. The individual does not need to remain at snack shack during operation hours. The volunteer will be responsible for cash box, accounts for revenue, and hands off to Treasurer at end of week shift. This volunteer also helps identify items to reorder, and serves as primary contact during snack shack operation hours for assigned shift.
  • Youth Snack Shack Volunteers: If you are looking for Community Service hours or would be willing to be on-call for a family that would be looking to hire someone to cover their shift in the Snack Shack. Please note this volunteering does not substitute for the parent/guardian league level obligation, and you need to still volunteer for a league level position.

Fundraising Roles:
  • Cookie Dough Coordinator: Manages the cookie dough fundraiser for the league
  • Cookie Dough Counters: Assists cookie dough coordinator with counting the cookie dough order forms; training provided
  • Cookie Dough Sorters and Distributors: Assists with sorting the cookie dough once it arrives and helps hand it out to families arriving at Serra and/or De Anza Park (TBD) to pick up (usually a Saturday morning from 9am-1pm). Training provided.
  • Dinner Night Coordinator: Contact restaurant to arrange a fundraiser night, at least 2 ( McDonald's in past), post flyers and promote the event, contact restaurant to make sure funds raised are sent to the league. Training provided.
  • Sponsorship Coordinator: Helps recruit and organize corporate or other sponsors for Sunnyvale LL

Registration Roles:
  • Registration Coordinators: Organizes registration dates, updates forms with the assistance of the entire boards, creates flyer, gets Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) and Sunnyvale Elementary School District (SESD) approval & distributes flyers to schools. Also, arranges to have banners posted within the little league boundaries.
  • Registration/Verification Day Helpers: Helps registration coordinator verify residency and birth certificate forms on verification day; helps to collect fees and distribute family fun day tickets (SJ Giants baseball)

Safety Roles:
  • Division Safety Officer: Coordinate with Division's Team Safety Officers and ensure all health screens are completed. Communicate with the League Safety Officer if there are any issues/concerns.
  • Team Safety Officer: Ensure all players/coaches/managers have completed an online health screen and perform temperature checks prior to every practice/game.
  • Volunteer Safety Officer: Coordinate with Team Leads and ensure all volunteer health screens are completed. Communicate with the League Safety Officer if there are any issues/concerns.

Umpire Roles:
  • Adult Umpires: (Minors, Majors Divisions) Umpire home plate or bases for Minors, Majors, and possibly Juniors games per your availability weeknights Mon-Thurs and during the day on Saturdays. Training is provided.
  • Youth Umpires: (Minors, Majors, and Farm Divisions) umpire home plate or bases for Farm, Minors and Majors games based on experience per your availability weeknights Mon-Thurs and during the day on Saturdays. You must be at least 13 years of age. Training is provided.
In the event that you are not selected for the position that you signed up for, you will be asked to fulfill a different volunteer position from the remaining available positions or pay the $250 buy-out.

Board Positions

The Board is responsible for the organization and operation of the league. Board members meet monthly on the third Thursday of the month. Please refer to the Board of Directors Directory for a list of current board members and open positions. Board positions include:

  • Direct and leads the board and overall activities of Sunnyvale Little League.
  • Preside at league meetings.
  • Responsible for the conduct of the league as chartered, in strict conformance with the policies, principles, rules and regulations of Little League Baseball.
  • Serve as liaison between Sunnyvale Little League and the City of Sunnyvale, other little leagues, District 44 and Little League International.
  • Investigate complaints and reports to the board as warranted.
  • Ensure league personnel are properly briefed on all phases of rules, regulations, and policies of Little League.
  • Present condition of the league at the annual meeting
Vice President:
  • Preside over the league in the absence of the President.
  • Work with other officers and committee members.
  • Complete duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.
  • Collect funds that support the league (e.g. fees, snack shack revenue, fundraising money) and dispenses league funds.
  • Keep accurate financial records (e.g. bank statements, tax filings, receipts, etc).
  • Report on the status of league funds; prepares budgets and assumes the responsibility for all league finances.
  • Keeps records of league activities and files.
  • Record minutes at board meetings including attendance, all orders of business, votes, and resolutions.
  • Distributes minutes and any other material
  • Maintains the board meeting schedule, send reminders to board members
Chief Umpire:
  • Recruit adult and youth umpires
  • Train umpires or identify training resources.
  • Manage umpire schedule
  • Work with managers to ensure rules are understood
  • Receive feedback on the conduct and quality of umpires and address as appropriate.
Equipment Manager:
  • Organize and maintain equipment
  • Take inventory and distribute gear needed for each team (e.g. team bats, catchers gear, balls, batting helmets, first aid kits, etc)
  • Order necessary replacements as needed.

Facilities Coordinator:
  • Ensure all fields are fully functional with necessary equipment for games and practices. This includes the batting cage.
  • Order appropriate supplies needed during the season.
  • Prepare Opening Day fields (e.g. set up dugout covering and fences in field)
  • Close Serra 1 & 2 and De Anza Park fields at the end of the season.
Fundraising Coordinator:
  • Manages fundraising activities (i.e. Cookie dough, Sunnyvale LL Bowling Nite; Dining for Dollars Nite)
  • Directs volunteers under Funassists with organizing and coordinating team fundraising events.
Information Officer:
  • Manage the league's official website, Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Manage the online registration process when available
  • Assign administrative rights to league volunteers and teams
  • Ensure that league news and scores are updated on a regular basis; collects, posts and distributes important information on league activities including direct dissemination of fund-raising and sponsor activities to Little League International, district, public, league members and media; serves as primary contact person for Little League regarding optimizing use of the Internet for league administration and for distributing information to league members and Little League.
Instructional Coordinator:
  • Provide preseason presentation to all managers
  • Coordinate manager/coach training for those interested (e.g. Big Al)
  • Coordinate Minor/Major expert instruction
  • When desired, organize optional expert instruction available to interested players who will cover their own costs.
Picture Day Coordinator:
  • Distribute picture day forms (e.g. at Managers meeting)
  • Set schedule with photographer on Opening Day. Reschedule when necessary
  • Instructs Picture Day Leads on what they will be in charge of on Picture Day.
Player Agent - Farm/Pioneer/T-ball:
  • Recruit managers and coaches at each level.
  • Divide players into teams per league rules. Monitor teams to ensure players are at appropriate level and move players if necessary.
  • Meet with managers prior to the start of the season to review rules, set expectations, and give advice.
  • Assist President in checking birth records and eligibility of players.
  • Ensures that play at this level is running smoothly and resolve any issues between managers, players, and families.
Player Agent - Minors/Majors:
  • Recruit managers and coaches at each level.
  • Conducts pre-season tryouts and facilitate player selection.
  • Assist President in checking birth records and eligibility of players
  • Meet with managers prior to the start of the season to review rules, set expectations, and give advice.
  • Coordinate the transfer of players to or from the Minor Leagues according to the provisions of the regulations of Little League.
  • Ensure that play at this level is running smoothly and resolve any issues between managers, players, and families.
Player Agent - Intermediate/Juniors:
  • Recruit managers and coaches at each level.
  • Conducts pre-season tryouts and facilitate player selection.
  • Assist President in checking birth records and eligibility of players
  • Meet with managers prior to the start of the season to review rules, set expectations, and give advice.
  • Coordinate the transfer of players to or from the Minor Leagues according to the provisions of the regulations of Little League.
  • Ensure that play at this level is running smoothly and resolve any issues between managers, players, and families.
Post Season Coordinator:
  • Coordinates all official Little League post season activities. This includes staffing volunteers to complete post season tasks for post season games hosted at Sunnyvale LL.
  • Responsible for identifying tournament directors for each post season game.
  • Instructs District All Star teams to complete binders
  • Supports District All Star Teams and Tournament teams as appropriate
  • Serve as liaison between Post Season/All Star managers and Board.
Registration Coordinator:
  • Manage online registration vendor
  • Organize registration dates
  • Update forms with the assistance of the entire board
  • Advertise registration dates by creating and printing flyers. Obtain CUSD approval to distribute flyers to schools. Arrange to have banners posted within the little league boundaries.
Safety Officer:
  • Coordinate all safety activities
  • Ensure the safety in player training
  • Ensure safe playing conditions
  • Coordinate reporting and prevention of injuries
  • Solicit suggestions for making conditions safer, and reports suggestions to Little League International through the league President
  • Report all necessary information to the District and ensures that all background checks are taken care of and all fields and coaches have adequate first aid supplies and ice packs.
Scheduling Director:
  • Create schedule for all divisions for games and practices per guidelines
  • When appropriate, work with other league schedulers to create interleague schedule (e.g. Majors)
  • Maintain schedule during season
  • Facilitate changes as required.
Snack Shack Manager:
  • Manage snack shack operation
  • Work with buyers, replenish supplies, help with bookkeeping and organization of the snack shack.
Trophy Coordinator:
  • Identify awards vendor
  • Once teams are finalized for season obtain names and order trophies. Distribute to managers
  • Order trophies, plaques, or medals for various awards (e.g. All-Star, lifetime little leaguer, etc.).
Uniform Coordinator:
  • Identify uniform vendors
  • Obtain and communicate return / exchange policy
  • Verify sizes, order and distribute uniforms for all divisions. Usually work through managers
  • For uniforms owned by Sunnyvale Little League (e.g. All Star uniforms), distribute, facilitate returns, and store.

If you have any further comments or questions, please email the league president at president@sunnyvalelittleleague.com

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