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SVLL Spring 2020 Season Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why did you cancel the 2020 Spring Season?

There were a number of factors that contributed this decision, including the complexity of current state and county health department guidelines around youth sports, city field availability and the availability of players and coaches. The Board made every attempt at formulating a plan to restart the season, but we could not overcome the obstacles that the COVID-19 and shelter-in-place orders have created this year.

2. Why did it take so long to cancel the season?

The Board of Directors made every attempt to offer a season, which required us to wait to see when state and county shelter-in-place orders were lifted and when the City of Sunnyvale would open fields for youth sports usage. We set a June deadline which would have provided enough time to hold a meaningful season before school started, but this deadline passed without resolution on field availability.

3. Can I get a refund on my registration fees?

We will be preparing refunds of approximately 75% of registration fees (varies by division) and will process refunds for those who request one. We will provide details on how refunds will be issued once we collect all refund requests.

For those requesting a full refund, here are the amounts that will be paid:
Division Early Bird Refund Regular Refund
Challenger $40 $40
T-ball $75 $90
Pioneer $100 $125
Farm $155 $180
Minors * $175 $200
Majors * $175 $200
Juniors ** $175 $200
Early bird registration feed refunds will be applied to all registrations that were submitted before December 23, 2019. Regular registration fee refunds will be applied to all registration that were submitted between December 23, 2019 and February 3, 2020. Any additional late fees that were applied for late registrations will not be refunded.

4. Why will I not receive a full refund?

Sunnyvale Little League is a volunteer run non-profit 501c3 organization and operate on a limited budget to provide the opportunity to play baseball in our community. As such, we rely on fundraising, sponsorships, donations, and registration fees to help fund those activities. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the COVID-19 virus and shelter-in-place order we received considerably less than our budgeted fundraising, sponsorship and donation amounts that were expected for this season.

As well, we have expenses (uniforms, fields, Little League fees, insurance, processing fees, snack shack, equipment, facilities upkeep) that have already occurred, and others still to come. This has put us in a budget shortfall and forced us to dig into our savings to make up for most of the difference and to enable us to grant refunds. Unfortunately, due to this situation we cannot refund 100% of the registration fees without putting our organization in a financial position that would place future activities at risk.

The league assumes full cost of items such as Snack Shack inventory, equipment, facilities upkeep, Challenger uniforms and 25% of uniforms, Little League fees, insurance and credit card processing fees during registration.
If the league were to issue 100% refunds to all registrants, we will incur losses of $35,000 to our balance sheet this year. With the 75% refund option we are applying, the league is still incurring a $20,000 loss if every member requests a refund.

5. Can I donate my registration fees to the legaue?

Yes, abosolutely! If you choose to donate your registration fees, they will be 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. We will send a thank you letter that serves as a receipt for tax purposes.

6. How do I indicate what I want done with my registration fees?

Please tell us how you would like your 2020 Spring registration fees applied via the form that was emailed to you. If you did not receive an email, please email the league President.

7. Will there be any baseball in 2020?

It is our intent to offer a regular Fall Baseball (“Fall Ball”) season, which would start in September. Details regarding a Fall program will be available once we have more clarity on the factors that forced the cancellation of the spring season. We are contemplating the opening of registration shortly, but may defer the collection of registration fees until we have clarity on how the season may proceed. More details will be made available regarding registration shortly.

8. How will I receive my refund?

We are still trying to determine how to best issue refunds. We will NOT be issuing refunds via credit card, as the league assumes a 3.5% fee on all credit card transactions (including credits/refunds).

9. Can I just have my 2020 Spring fees credited to a future season?

We contemplated this as a refund option, but it will create an issue with our accounting for the 2020 season. We elected to keep this accounting clean by limiting the dispursement options to refunds and donations.

10. $20,000 seems like a lot of expenses. How else can I help the league offset some of this shortfall?

Yes, the cost to run a youth sports league as large as ours is quite expensive. If you would like to contribute more than just donating your registration and buy-out amounts back to the league, we also take donations. If you would like to make an additional donation to the league, please visit this page, and scroll to the section on Direct Donations & Corporate Matching.

We're heartbroken that we could not resume the season as we had hoped, but we look forward to seeing you next season. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact any Board Member.

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