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Sunnyvale Little League News

New Field Protocols

SVLL Families –

We received a facilities alert from the City of Sunnyvale earlier today, informing us of undue wear and tear on city fields. While we are not entirely to blame, the city feels that areas on city baseball fields in particular have started to show more soil degradation than in other parts of the parks. Years of drought and improper field maintenance following games has resulted in in the tilting of fields.

The effects of this problem is creating a safety issue as the soil grading down most first base lines are not even with the grading between second base and third base, as well as the area between third base and home plate.

Effective immediately, games played on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday will adopt new field protocols. These include:

1) Base runners will be required to run from home plate to third base, third base to second base, second base to first base and first base to home, rather than the traditional counter-clockwise direction.

2) Cleats will not be allowed on these days. The city has provided recommendations on approved footwear for games on these days, which will include: bedroom slippers, crocs or rubber soled flip-flops. Flip flops with any type of tread will be prohibited.

3) Runners will be allowed to short-cut the base paths and run through the infield from third base to first base in order to reduce wear on the infield dirt if the umpires are not looking. If you are detected by an umpire short-cutting the base paths, you will be assessed two outs.

4) Base coaches will be required to coach while laying on their backs in order to eliminate additional soil disruption.

5) All fans are asked to bring a milk jug filled with water, so that teams can help with field watering. Budget cuts with the city have reduced field watering to once every 14 days.

While these are not typical requests, we agree with the direction that city is taking in preserving the athletic fields in Sunnyvale. We ask that you do speak with your children and go over these new protocols, so that everyone is prepared to implement them with games, starting tonight, Thursday, April 1st.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to head grounds keeper for the City of Sunnyvale, Carl Spackler.

Sunnyvale Little League Board of Directors

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