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Sunnyvale Little League News

Safety Guidelines for Fall Ball 2021

As COVID variants have created a new threat to the health and safety of our community, Sunnyvale Little League (SVLL) has elected to implement new health and safety requirements in order to protect our players, coaches, officials and spectators for the 2021 Fall Ball season. Effective immediately for all on-field activities on fields where SVLL serves as the host, the following applies:

As of 9/7/2021:

1) Masks will be required of all players, coaches and on-field officials during practices and games.

2) Any spectator located within 25 feet of a player, coach or on-field official is required to wear a mask.

3) If any parent/guardian has concerns with players being in close proximity of each other while in the dugout, we recommend that that family should bring a fold out chair, which can be positioned outside the dugout, so that we create social distancing while a team is congregated in the dugout.

4) We recommend that players provide their own equipment (bats, gloves, catchers gear) and not share equipment with other players

5) Should a player, coach or on-field official be exposed to or test positive for COVID:
  • The player (via the player's parent), coach or on-field official shall notify the Safety Director – safety@sunnyvalelittleleague.com
  • The Safety Director shall report the exposure / positive test to the Santa Clara County Health Officer within 24 hours as prescribed by the County Health Department - https://cdph.force.com/SPOT/s/IntakeForm?language=en_US ·
  • The Safety Director will send out a notification letter to the affected team, player agent, and opponent team, if applicable.
  • Per Santa Clara Public Health recommendation:
    • For vaccinated individuals: "In general, fully vaccinated individuals who have been exposed to a COVID-19 case and are asymptomatic do not need to quarantine, but they should get tested 5 days after exposure."
    • For unvaccinated individuals: "The student/youth close contact must quarantine for 10 days from all other activities, including extracurricular activities at the school, athletic activities, and other activities within the community.
  • Players, coaches or on-field officials who test positive for COVID may return to on-field activities before the 10 day quarantine period expires if they provide test results indicating that they are COVID negative.
6) These policies apply to all activities held on Sunnyvale Little League hosted fields. When a team interlocks with another league on a non-SVLL hosted field, their rules apply, so managers should reach out to the opposing team to understand their policies ahead of any game or scrimmage. All SVLL players and coaches are advised to wear a mask while participating on a neighboring league's field.

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