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Safety Training
Safety Training is an important component of Sunnyvale Little League's ASAP (A Safety Awareness Plan) Program and is required by Little League International. Serra requires all managers, coaches and officials to be trained in First Aid, CPR and Serra policies and procedures regarding safety of our players, volunteers and spectators. In addition, we welcome all players, family members, volunteers and spectators to also use these materials to become familiar with the information that will keep everyone safe at games and practices.

There are links on this page to training materials and training tracking forms. If you have questions regarding these materials or suggestions for this or additional material that we should include, please email our Safety Officer

Sunnyvale Little League Safety Training Resources
  • District 44 Online Video Training for CPR and First Aid

    District 44 has implemented an online video training program using materials provided by ProFirstAid.com. They (and we) are tracking participation in this training which is required for all managers, coaches and league officials. Licensed doctors, nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians are exempt from this training requirement, but must submit the training form with details of their licensing.

    To access the online ProFirstAid video training for CPR and First Aid, you can use the following form which will both allow access to the videos specified by the District 44 Safety Officer and track your use of the materials. The form should be downloaded and saved on your local computer before starting the training. The first item will download the training manual that accompanies the videos. Download and save the manual in a convenient location. You can print the manual or review it on your computer along with or between viewings of the videos.

    If you decide to complete the full set of trainings listed on the form, please be sure to complete the form, save it on your computer and then use the submit button or email the completed form as indicated on the bottom of the form.

    Online CPR and First Aid Training and Tracking Form

    ProFirstAid.com incorporates the D44 training and other modules in their complete CPR and First Aid Certification course which can be taken for free, but requires a payment for the certification card. The complete program does not track the modules taken on the Tracking Form, but will be accepted if the program is completed and certification is purchased and provided to Serra. We recommend using the tracking form.

  • Manager's Safety Training slides:     Basic Medical Injuries Presentation

  • Sunnyvale Little League Safety Contacts, Bylaws and Procedures
    Serra has adopted a number of bylaws and procedures to enhance the safety of our players, volunteers and spectators. These are presented together with contact information for public safety, city facilities and league officers in this document:

  • Sunnyvale Safety Manual    [PDF File]
    Manager's, coaches and other volunteers are responsible for knowing and following the procedures and information contained in the Serra Safety Manual. Everyone is encouraged to familiarize themselves with its contents.
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