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Boundary Rules

What are Little League Boundary Rules

Little League wants to ensure that all its participating leagues prosper, so that we can all offer our communities a great baseball experience that's close to home. To do this, Little League Baseball Inc (LLBI) requires players to play in their "home league", or the league that is located in your neighborhood. In 2014, LLBI introduced a revision to this rule, which allows a player to play in a league if they attend school within a league's boundaries (see more on this below).

The City of Sunnyvale currently has three Little Leagues: Sunnyvale Little League (SVLL - that's us!), Sunnyvale Metro Little League (SMLL) and Sunnyvale National Little League (SNLL). We each have our own boundaries, which are typically separated by city streets.

If you live on a street which serves as a boundary, your home league is determined by the side of the street that you live on. In other words, if Main Street was a boundary, and League A was situated on the North side of the street and League B was situated on the South side of the street, and you lived on the North side of Main St, then League A would be your home league.

There's actually an easier way to figure out your home league. Simply enter your home address in the LLBI League Finder .

Sunnyvale Little League Boundaries

The one thing to note about Sunnyvale LL is that our boundaries are not limited to Sunnyvale. Our boundaries extend into the southern end of Los Altos and the north end of Cupertino. So be sure to check the LLBI League Finder to see what your home league is.

Sunnyvale Little League's boundaries cover the former territories of Serra Little League and Sunnyvale Southern Little League. Our boundaries are defined as:
  • Starting at the corner of DeAnza Blvd. and Stevens Creek Blvd
  • DeAnza Blvd turns into Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd (heading toward Sunnyvale)
  • Right on East Fremont Avenue
  • Left on Picasso Drive
  • Left on Crescent Avenue
  • Right on Michelangelo Drive
  • Right on East Remington Drive which turns into South Fair Oaks Avenue
  • Left on Old San Francisco Road
  • Left jog over on S. Sunnyvale Avenue to W. El Camino Real
  • Right on West El Camino Real
  • Left on Knickerbocker (Both sides of Knickerbocker are in Sunnyvale territory)
  • Knickerbocker follows the path of Highway 85, the Sunnyvale neighborhoods that are on the border of 85 are in Sunnyvale territory
  • There is a slight jog that leads up to W Fremont Avenue following the City limits of Sunnyvale
  • The boundaries continue from Highway 85
  • Right on W Fremont Avenue to Permanente Creek
  • Boundary runs the length of Permanente Creek to Stevens Creek Boulevard
  • Left on Stevens Creek Boulevard
  • Return to the corner of Stevens Creek Boulevard and De Anza Boulevard
[Click here to view this map in Google Maps]

School Boundary Exception

A modification to Little League's residency rule was implemented in 2014 from Little League International. The rule in brief reads: 'A player may qualify for residency of a league if, the player attends a school within the league boundaries.' Or worded slightly differently: 'Player A that lives within League B boundaries and attends school within League C boundaries has the option of playing baseball within either League B or C without penalty.' Example: If player A lives outside the boundaries of Sunnyvale LL but attends a school whose address is within Sunnyvale LL's boundaries (like Cherry Chase Elementary , West Valley, Cupertino Middle School, or Sunnyvale Middle School), player A qualifies as a "resident" of Sunnyvale LL and may play baseball with Sunnyvale LL without penalty. See below for proof of school attendance criteria.

Schools which qualify within the Sunnyvale Little League boundaries include:
  • Challenger School - Sunnyvale Campus
  • Cherry Chase Elementary School
  • Cumberland Elementary School
  • Cupertino Middle School
  • Fremont High School
  • French American School of Silicon Valley
  • Garden Gate Elementary School
  • Homestead High School
  • Monteclaire Elementary
  • Nimitz Elementary School
  • Resurrection Parish School
  • St Simon Parish School
  • Stevens Creek Elementary
  • Stratford School - Sunnyvale-DeAnza Campus
  • South Peninsula Hebrew Day School
  • Sunnyvale Middle School
  • West Valley Elementary

Inter-Division Transfers

While we fully encourage all players to play in their home league, there may be circustances which make another league more appropriate. You may request an inter-district transfer by submitting a request for transfer with your home league. You will also need to check with the league that you are transfering to, to ensure there is room for the transfer.

A thing to note about transfers. As LLBI rules stand today, players who transfer leagues are NOT eligible to participate in post season (i.e. All Stars). There have been discussions about rescinding that rule if the child plays a certain number of years with a league they transfer to, but this is not in place today.

There is an exception to the no-post season rule, if the player transfered to a league because their home league did not offer their age-appropriate division of play. As an example, many surrounding leagues do not offer Intermediate or Juniors Divisions, so players who transfer into a league that offers that division would be allowed to play in post season.

If you have any questions regarding league boundaries, please contact an SVLL Board Member.

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