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2019 Fall Ball League Registration
2019 FALL BALL Registration is now OPEN for all divisions with the exception of T-Ball and Juniors

Please READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE before registering!

Welcome to Sunnyvale Little League Registration!

Before registering your child, please READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE

Sunnyvale Little League offers our Fall season ("Fall Ball"), as a means to allow for further player development from the Spring season. Fall Ball is a more casual season, focusing on player development. ALL GAMES ARE PLAYED ON SUNDAYS.

Registration will close on August 11th. There is no late registration.

1. Know your child's "Little League age".

To determine your child's playing age, please refer to the Little League Age Chart for Baseball or Little League Baseball's Age Calculator.

2. No Residence Boundaries in Fall Ball

Fall Ball is not as restrictive as the Spring Little League season. We have no residence requirements for the Fall season, but please keep in mind that this does not carry over to the Spring season.

3. Uniforms

As part of the Fall Ball season, Sunnyvale Little League will provide a dry fit shirt with the SVLL logo and a hat, which will comprise the uniform package. We do not use MLB branded uniforms in the fall. Players are required to provide their own baseball pants, socks, belt and cleats.

4. Determine which Division your child will play.

Sunnyvale Little League offers 4 divisions in the Fall: Pioneer, Farm, Minors, and Majors. The Divisions are aligned by age as follows. Please refer to the Little League Age Chart for Baseball to find your player’s Little League age.

Division Primarily for Ages May also Include Ages*** Cost
Pioneer 6 - 7 8 $130
Farm 7 - 9 $155
Minors 9 - 10 8, 11 $155
Majors 11 - 12 10 $155
There are no tryouts for any level of play in the Fall.

We recommend that players be placed in the level that they expect to play in the Spring 2020 season. Fall Ball is an opportunity to play at a more advanced level prior to the more formal Spring season.

5-6 Year Olds
  • Most 6 year olds play in Pioneer
7 Year Olds
  • Most 7 year olds will play in Pioneer
  • A few skilled 7 year olds may play-up to Farm
8 Year Olds
  • Most 8 year olds will play in Farm
  • 8 year olds who are still developing skills may play in Pioneer, at parent request
9 Year Olds
  • 9 year olds will play in either Minors or Farm
10 Year Olds
  • Most 10 year olds will play in Minors
11 Year Olds
  • Most 11 year olds will play in Majors
  • A few 11 year olds who are deemed a safety risk may be placed in Minors at the discretion of the Majors/Minor Player Agent.
12 Year Olds
  • All 12 year olds will play in the Majors division
  • A 12 year old will only play in Minors by mutual agreement between the parents and league.

A quick summary of the different divisions is provided below. Additional information can be found at this location.

Division Pitching Hitting Defense Games Practices
Pioneer Coach pitch

No strikeouts,

No walks
Every player bats once every inning All players play defense, and rotate through all positions 1 per week

3 innings, about 1 hour
1 per week (about 1 hour)
Farm Coach, then player pitch


No walks
Continuous order - every player bats All players play defense, Infield / outfield play balanced ~50/50 1 per week

Up to 6 innings, about 1.5 hours
1 per week
Minors Player pitch (46 feet mound distance)


Continuous order 9 players on defense, No player sits out more than 2 innings per game 1 per week

Up to 6 innings, about 1 hr 45 min.
1 per week
Majors Player pitch (46 feet mound distance)


Continuous or Substitution, depending on local rules 9 players on defense, Minimum play 6 outs, try to play defense at least half the game. 1 per week

Up to 6 innings, about 2 hours.
1 per week (about 2 hours)

4. Volunteer!

We are looking for coaches for the 2019 Fall Ball season. If you would be interested in coaching, please contact the League President.

5. Register.

All registrations are being processed online. Some very basic (but important) instructions:
  1. You will first be prompted to create an online account. This collects parent and player information.
  2. You will then be prompted to register your child(ren). Click on the "Register" button next to your child's name to add the child to your online shopping cart. If you are registering multiple children, be sure to add both before "checking out" (i.e. paying as the final step in your registration).
  3. Finally, you will be prompted to "complete checkout", which will prompt you for payment information.

6. Get familiar with Sunnyvale Little League by browsing the other pages within our website. You will find useful information and contact information should you have questions.

If you have any further comments or questions, please email the registrar at registration@sunnyvalelittleleague.com

Thank you for taking the time to review all of this important information.

Begin your registration:

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