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2021 League Tryouts

Modified Tryouts

After careful consideration, the Board of Directors has elected to eliminate Farm Evaluations for the 2019 season. 2021 teams will be formed by the Player Agents. The following will be taken into consideration as players are assigned to teams:
  • Balanced / even teams
  • Player residence location
  • Requests to play for a specific coach
  • Requests to play with friends / classmates
The league will also be holding a Farm Coaches Clinic (date & time TBD). This clinic will provide Farm coaches with tips and techniques on how to coach at the Farm level.

Juniors, Minor and Major Tryout Information

For 2021, we will be modifying how player evaluations are conducted for our Juniors, Majors and Minors divisions, in order to comply with state, county and city health protocols. Initially, players will be placed into a training "pod", which complies with protocols related to cohort isolation. A training pod does not equate to the team a child will play on once restrictions allow for game play.

During training, coaches will be encouraged to observe the practices of other pods in order to compile information on the pool of players available for the draft selection process, which will be used to create teams at these divisions.

There is the possibility that SVLL will conduct a "pod training day", which will simulate a traditional tryout, but players will run through drills in their respective training pods. This will allow coaches to collectively observe players, without having players exposed to players outside of their training pod. Details on this event are still pending.

Information About Age Groups

8 and 9 year olds (league age):
All 11 and 12 year olds have first priority in the Majors division. This mean’s 8’s, 9’s and 10's will be placed in the Minor division if their skills are deemed appropriate for this division. Consideration for the Majors division will be given based on skill level and if space allows. Those 8 and 9 year olds who are deemed not ready for inclusion in the Minors division, will be placed on a Farm division team.

10 year olds (league age):
10 year olds are eligible to be drafted to Majors. Majors is the first level where Managers are not required to give equal playing time to all and often the 10 year olds are affected. Parents of 10’s who wish to have their child removed from consideration for Majors should indicate that when they check in at tryouts by writing “Minors only” when they sign in.

11 year olds (league age):
11 year olds are expected to be drafted to the Majors Division. However, for safety reasons, if a player does not seem ready for Majors, they may be drafted into Minors. A parent may also request their player be considered for “minors only”, however, if it is felt their player is ready for Majors, and for the safety of the Minors’ players, they may be required to move up to the Majors level.

12 year olds (league age):
In accordance with Little League rules, all 12 year olds will be placed in the Majors Division unless a special waiver is requested.

The waiver must be approved by the District Administrator and is only granted if it is felt that the player is not ready for the Majors Division and it would be unsafe for them to participate at that level. If a waiver is granted, the player may play in the Minors Division, however they are not allowed to pitch. If you have questions or would like to get a waiver, please contact the Sunnyvale Minors/Majors Player Agent at playeragent.upper@ssunnyvalelittleleague.com

Please contact the Juniors Player Agent if you would like more details.

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