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Sunnyvale Little League News

Post Season Information & All Star Selections

As the 2021 Sunnyvale Little League regular season begins to wind down, we have additional baseball still on the schedule. Our Majors and Minors teams will begin our in-house tournament to determine our league champion in each of those respective divisions, starting on June 1st and completing on June 10th.

Our Majors and Minors League Champion teams will then compete in the single elimination Tournament of Champions against the 9 other leagues in District 44, which is tentatively scheduled to run from June 14th through the 21st.

Later in June, Sunnyvale Little League will be represented by four age specific All Star Teams, which are made up of players who were selected via our league All Star selection process. Please join me in congratulating the following All Star selections:

Intermediate All Stars
  • Felix Chang
  • Howard Cheng
  • Kai Daron
  • Jayden Duong
  • Drew Hamburger
  • Will Hamburger
  • Jacob Jang
  • Ren Ohara
  • Cevan Ozawa Burns
  • Andrew Sun
Manager: Tom Daron
Assistant Coaches: Rick Hamburger & Kevin Thompson

12/11/10 All Stars
  • Charles Ayalon
  • Luke Canabou
  • Lucas Gandara
  • William Hsu
  • Erik Kao
  • Noam Katz
  • Joseph Murai
  • William Tai
  • Ethan Tang
  • Eric Tang
  • Damon Uyehara
  • Alex Venables
  • Jerry Yang
Manager: Albert Tang
Assistant Coaches: Wade Tai & Todd Uyehara

11/10/9 All Stars
  • Nolan Caroompas
  • Ronan Cavlan
  • Thanos Cocoles
  • Dylan Enck
  • Joshua Fraleigh
  • Lucas Freeland
  • Matt MacMillan
  • Camden Maylard
  • Keyan O'Connell
  • Owen Partridge
  • Eliot Spangler
  • Eaton Sun
  • Cooper Zuccato
Manager: Aku Patel
Assistant Coaches: Mike O'Connell & Dave Thomas

10/9/8 All Stars
  • Jomo Albrecht
  • Jaden Chen
  • Mason Deguara
  • Connor Donohue
  • Aarav Jain
  • Kameron McCray
  • Jonah Owara
  • Tyler Owen
  • Idan Rosner
  • Leo Silberstein
  • Russell Tang
  • Everett Tung
  • Trevor Uyehara
Manager: Yeh Tung
Assistant Coaches: Kevin McCray & Matt Deguara

Players selected to an All Star Team will receive more information on the tournament in a forthcoming email from the league.

We will post all game schedules here on the league website once those are announced.

Please join us wishing all of these teams much success in their upcoming post season games.

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