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Sunnyvale Little League COVID Protocols

Sunnyvale Little League (SVLL) is committed to offering a baseball program for the community for the 2021 Spring Season. As state and local guidelines currently restrict competition, SVLL has designed a development program, offering a fun and safe alternative that could transition to competition (games!) once the California Department of Public Health allows.

Following state and county guidelines, the league is allowed to run socially distant sessions in small groups, often called Pods, with stable rosters and limited physical interaction between players during practices. Adherence to league safety protocols, including health screening and sanitizing requirements, will be required.

The league has defined a set of safety protocols in compliance with guidance from the state, county and city. These protocols will be applied so long as they are required by these government agencies and will apply to practice & training events, and eventially to game events once we are allowed to hold games.

Summary of webpage updates as of May 4, 2021:
  • We are eliminating the requirement to take temperature checks of all players, coaches and umpires prior to on-field events such as practices and games.
  • We are eliminating the requirement restricting spectators to immediate family members. We do encourage you to limit attendance to your immediate family, but we are not restricting who may attend.
  • The protocols we had in place related to the rotation of baseballs by each team is being eliminated. Umpires will now manage all baseballs during games. For those divisions that do not have umpires, the managers may continue with baseball rotations at their preference.
SVLL will continue to monitor State and County guidance and update our policies accordingly.
Summary of webpage updates as of March 9, 2021:
  • Updated links to Supporting External documents to reference most recent youth sports guidance
  • Removed constraints on number of coaches per Pod/Team (requirements removed from County)
  • Removed Pod interval requirements of “3-weeks” (requirements removed from County)
  • Recommended, but not mandatory, to limit participation to a single activity (aligned to State guidance re: additional activities)
  • Continue to recommend against equipment sharing, but if needed, equipment can be shared if hand hygiene is performed regularly (aligned to State guidance re: sharing)
  • Removed COVID testing question (aligned to State guidance re: testing requirement for Outdoor High- Contact Sports; Baseball is classified as Outdoor Moderate-Contact Sport)
SVLL will continue to monitor State and County guidance and update our policies accordingly.

SVLL COVID Safety Protocols:
Other Supporting External documents:
Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are the Pods actual teams or just practice ‘cohorts’?
  • No, the Pods are not Teams. Pods are stable groups of players who practice together for 3 week periods. See below for Team formation information.
2) How will players be assigned to Pods?
  • Like our Fall Ball program, players can request to play with friends, in a division up (not down) from their current age recommendation, etc.
  • Player Agents will consider families’ requests, existing cohorts, grade level, and schools in Pod assignments, but it may not be possible to fulfill or accommodate all requests.
3) What is the structure of the practices for the Pods?
  • Pods will focus on baseball skills development, physical activity, fitness and fun!
  • Managers and Coaches will maintain appropriate physical distancing between players and coaches while providing their instructional guidance
  • There will be no scrimmages with other Pods while the county is in the Purple Tier. Please see below for transition to competitive play
4) Who is running the Pods?
  • Pods will be managed by a team Manager and assistant Coach
  • We love our volunteers. If you are interested in running (Manager) or assisting (Coach) in a Pod, please indicate so in your registration
  • Managers and Coaches will be appropriately trained in COVID-19 protocols and given practice, instructional guidance/plans
  • Depending on the division, there are ratio limits of adult coaches to players
5) How long, when and what is the frequency of the Pod practices?
  • Depending on the division, practices can range from 60-90 minutes long (and are capped at 90 minutess per county mandate)
  • T-Ball, Pioneer and Farm will practice at minimum once a week while Minors, Majors and Juniors will practice at minimum twice a week, dependent on field availability, weather and daylight savings
  • Managers’ personal schedules will determine practice days, which may change from week to week
6) Can I participate in another activity if I join a SVLL Pod?
  • Per county mandate, registration and participation in SVLL’s program requires that the player not participate in any other program, no exceptions
  • Players must close out a conflicting Pod/activity/cohort/etc. before joining SVLL’s Pod
7) I missed the registration deadline. Can I still register and join a Pod?
  • Yes, but the player will be placed on a waiting list. Space availability may be a limiting factor.
  • Board-approved volunteer Managers will receive priority in your player’s placement into a new Pod
8) When will SVLL transition from Pods to competitive Teams?
  • SVLL is striving to provide a competitive season (games). However, the county must be in Red Tier status for inter-team play.
9) How will you transition players from Pods to Teams once ‘return-to-play’ is possible?
  • TBall, Pioneer, Farm and Challenger Pods will convert to regular Teams. Adjustments may be made depending on the balance of competition, team sizes, late registrations, and Manager input
  • Players from Minors, Majors and Juniors Pods will be drafted to Teams
10) When will Teams be announced, begin to practice together and play games?
  • Consistent with county requirements, Pods must remain intact for 3 week intervals. Upon Public Health's authorization for 'return-to-play', SVLL will re-form Pods into Teams and notifications will be sent via email. Teams may begin activities at the conclusion of the final 3 week Pod period
  • Transition from Pods to Teams will be determined based on state and county safety guidelines
  • SVLL will make every effort to start competitive play (games / scrimmages) shortly after Teams are formed
11) If a player does not participate in the Pod program, can the player play on a Team?
  • Yes. Players must register but may choose to participate in competitive play only (no Pod). Email playeragent@sunnyvalelittleleague.com to opt out of Pods
  • Players may be added to a Team after official Team formation, including the draft
  • Volunteering to be a Manager significantly increases possibility of player participation should there be roster size limitations
12) I have more questions about Pods and Teams. Who can I contact? 13) Has SVLL set up any precautionary plans re: COVID-19 for Spring Season?
  • SVLL has developed guidelines in compliance with the state, county and city guidelines, CDC regulations, and Little League International suggestions re: COVID-19.
  • SVLL has registered with Santa Clara County Public Health’s Social Distancing Protocol to provide a site-specific protection plan.
14) What happens if someone is confirmed or suspected of COVID-19?
  • Anyone who tests positive for or is known to be exposed to the virus is required to inform the league (safety@sunnyvalelittleleague.com)
  • SVLL will be keeping all pre-health screening and attendance information for contact tracing. Families that have been close in contact with the confirmed individual(s) and the county health officer will be immediately contacted
  • The SVLL Safety Officer will provide quarantine requirements and whether suspension of practices and/or games is necessary, according to county and state protocols
15) Will the players, coaches, and volunteers be required to have COVID-19 testing?
  • It is not mandatory; however, we encourage adult volunteers to be tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus at least once every four weeks.
  • Instead, a pre-health screen form must be completed prior and temperature will be taken at practices and games.
  • We request that anyone who exhibits any flu-like symptoms to refrain from participating in SVLL activities.
16) Will equipment be shared?
  • SVLL strongly encourages players to bring their own gear to limit equipment sharing
  • If sharing equipment is unavoidable, shared equipment will be sanitized after each use
17) What are the regulations for spectators?
  • SVLL mandates all players, coaches, volunteers and spectators wear facial coverings at all times and follow social distancing.
  • To avoid mass gathering, spectators are limited to household members only. Spectator areas will be on the sidelines or behind the outfield.
  • Bleachers are reserved for players, coaches, and team volunteers only.
18) Will there be snack shacks or volunteer duties?
  • There will be no snack shack this year.
  • SVLL is a volunteer-run program; therefore, we will need your assistance with the typical volunteer duties and specific COVID safety roles this year. Guidelines for COVID precautions will be provided. Your safety and your players’ safety are our number one priority.
19) I completed registration earlier this year for my child. Is there anything else I need to do?
  • If you completed our registration between December 1st 2020 and February 12th, 2021, you MUST COMPLETE REGISTRATION AGAIN. The initial process simply collected interest info. We need all players to complete our full registration, which includes the collection of league fees.
  • Please complete Registration here.

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