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General Info on Summer Sandlot

Sunnyvale Little League will offer a 2023 Summer Sandlot baseball program starting in late July and will run through the start of Fall Ball, which begins on September 10th. This program is ONLY available to those children who played in a Majors or Minors Division in the spring OR a player who participated in a Farm Division and is transitioning to Minors in the Spring of 2024.

This is NOT Fall Ball. registration for that program remains open until mid-August. For information on that program, please visit our registration page.

This is an opportunity for players to continue playing baseball during the summer in an informal setting (no uniforms, practices, just show up and play). We have decided to change the format of this program from the drills-based setup from a few years ago to a focus on game play and skills work this summer:

Sandlot Format
  • We will form teams of 5 players who will stay together through the program as a "team". Some team adjustments may occur during the program to establish parity among groups. Please do not request to play with a friend. We are trying to create parity among teams.
  • We will play 5 inning games (as time allows), where two teams of 5 play defense while a third team of 5 bats. The format will provide more frequent at bats per player.
  • Players will not play the same defensive position more than once per game, which requires rotation to different positions and provides for every player to experience all positions.
  • If more than three groups of 5 are present, we will rotate additional groups to skills stations (e.g. batting cages, throwing stations, etc). If we have 6 groups of 5 present, we will run two games simultaneously.
  • High school players from Homestead and Fremont HS will assist in coaching, along with several SVLL adult coaches.
  • Those adults who wish to manage in the spring should participate as coaches.
  • No uniforms or equipment will be issued. Your child needs to show up with their own glove, bat, and helmet. Baseball hat and baseball pants/belt are MANDATORY. NO SWEAT PANTS, SHORTS OR JEANS.
We will run a Majors Division on Mondays and Wednesdays and a Minors Division on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will run from 5:30 to approximately 7:30 each day. Games are subject to cancellation at any time so please be flexible on this point. We are trying to run this program with volunteer coaches who also have jobs and families of their own. We will try to send out email notices on game status, which will require that you sign up for an email distribution list that we will maintain for the program.

There is NO FEE for this program, BUT you should only participate if your child can attend on a regular basis. Will will prioritize SVLL returning players, but will add non-league players as space allows.

If you are interested in having your child participate, please fill out the form located here.

For more information, contact our Instructional Director

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