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Coaching Philosophy

As a general philosophy, Sunnyvale Little League is intended to provide a safe and fun environment for children to learn and play the game of baseball. Managers and coaches serve as mentors to our player community and have the responsibility to provide instruction which will advance the playing skills of our players. Coaching is not intended to be convenient form of babysitting for parents, so we expect our players to take advantage of the comittments that our coaches make to the league.

While we don't expect our coaches to be experts in the game of baseball, we do encourage them to take advantage of the training opportunities that the league makes available to our coaches.

The perfect little league coach will: LEAD, MENTOR, TEACH, MOTIVATE, INSPIRE, CONSOLE

Our league strives to offer a fun, instructional and inclusive environment for our player, coaches, umpires, families and guests. As such we have crafted a Code of Coduct, which we expect all to adhere to.

Resources for Managers and Coaches


The following tools are intended for Sunnyvale LL coaches. Please be sure to check the Sunnyvale Little League Calendar from time to time for important league dates.


All manager / coach inquiries may be made to the respective Division Director or Player agent:

For those parents looking for insights on what equipment is required for Little League baseball, please refer to our Equipment Guide.

Little League maintains strict rules on baseball bats which are permitted for play. In general, all bats must maintain a 1.15 BPF stamp in addition to the Little League Approved stamp. All coaches should understand and abide by these rules:


Please read the Little League safety policy

In January 2022, California Assembly Bill 506 went into effect joining previous statutes AB-2007 and AB-379. Collectively these laws require all youth sports volunteers who have material exposure to children to complete the following:
  • One time fingerprinting by a certified agency
  • Complete Mandatory Reporter training
  • Concussion recognition and treatment protocol training
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest recognition training
  • Little League required Child Abuse Prevention training
For details on how to complete these tasks, please see the safety guide here.


See the training page

  • Sunnyvale LL local Majors rules
  • Sunnyvale LL local Minors rules
  • Sunnyvale LL local Farm rules
  • Sunnyvale LL local Pioneer rules
  • Sunnyvale LL local Tball rules
  • Sunnyvale LL player pool rules (applies to Majors & Minors only)
  • Sunnyvale LL batting cage rules

Rules Tests/Discussions

Please see the umpires page for rules tests and discussions




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