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Code of Conduct
Revision history Ver 1.0 – 14-Sept-22
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Little League believes in the power of youth baseball and softball to teach life lessons that build stronger individuals and communities. The essential elements of character-building and ethics in sports are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and six core principles:
  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Good Citizenship
The highest potential of sports is achieved when competition reflects these six pillars of character. Parents should read, understand and sign this document prior to their children participating in our league.

Parent / Guardian Code of Conduct

Sunnyvale Little League strives to create a positive atmosphere where children learn the game of baseball, develop values, and have fun.

In accordance with recommendations from Little League, SVLL has implemented the following Parent / Guardian Code of Conduct. By giving careful thought to these codes and putting effort into living up to them, you can help create this positive atmosphere. All members of the SVLL community have a role to play in this effort. Parents should read, understand and sign this form prior to their children participating in our league.
  1. I will not force my child to participate in sports.
  2. I will remember that children participate to have fun and that the game is for youth, not adults.
  3. I will inform the coach of any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of my child or the safety of others.
  4. I will learn the rules of the game and the policies of the league.
  5. I (and my guests) will be a positive role model for my child and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, officials and spectators at every game, practice or other league event.
  6. I (and my guests) will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, parent or spectator such as booing and taunting; refusing to shake hands; or using profane language or gestures.
  7. I will not encourage any behaviors or practices that would endanger the health and well being of the athletes.
  8. I will demand that my child treat other players, coaches, officials and spectators with respect regardless of race, creed, color, gender or ability.
  9. I will teach my child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.
  10. I will teach my child that doing one’s best is more important than winning, so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcome of a game or his/her performance.
  11. I will praise my child for competing fairly and trying hard, and make my child feel like a winner every time.
  12. I will never ridicule or yell at my child or other participants for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  13. I will emphasize skill development and practices and how they benefit my child over winning. I will also de-emphasize games and competition in the lower age groups.
  14. I will promote the emotional and physical wellbeing of the athletes ahead of any personal desire I may have for my child to win.
  15. I will respect the officials and their authority during games and will never question, discuss, or confront coaches at the game field, and will take time to speak with coaches at an agreed upon time and place.
  16. I will remember and appreciate that Managers and Coaches are volunteering their time for the benefit of my child, and will do my best to make sure my child is on time for games and practices.
  17. I will notify my child’s manager ahead of time when possible if they will be missing a game or practice.
  18. I will demand a sports environment for my child that is free from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and I will refrain from their use at all sports events.
  19. I will refrain from coaching my child or other players during games and practices, unless I am one of the official coaches of the team.
Parents / Guardians who do not live up to this code of conduct will be prohibited from attending games and may have their child(ren)'s playing privileges suspended at the discretion of the league.

Managers and Coaches Code of Conduct

Sunnyvale Little League promotes a positive coaching environment for all players. Toward that end, all managers and coaches must adhere to the following standards of conduct and behavior.
  1. Develop and encourage players to do their best.
  2. Be a positive role model. Always behave in a positive manner toward the children in your care. Display good sportsmanship, a positive attitude and make the experience fun!
  3. Don't be the coach that places winning above everything else. Emphasize player development, and teaching respect and values over your win-loss record.
  4. Encourage your players to play by the rules. Children learn best by the examples set by their coaches, so applaud play by both teams.
  5. Create a supportive environment where coaches and players build self-esteem and confidence.
  6. DO NOT ridicule or yell at players, coaches, umpires or parents. Players should never be singled out, belittled, or embarrassed during practices or games. Any type of shaming of players by the manager or coaches will not be tolerated.
  7. Remember that all rulings by an umpire on the field are final. If there is a question on an umpire's ruling, call time out, and meet with the umpire. Discuss the ruling out of earshot of players, parents and spectators. Once the conversation is finished, get back to the game. Do not continue to discuss the matter.
    1. Set a good example by keeping a good rapport with all in attendance, including game officials, coaches, players, and spectators.
  8. Never use profane language or gestures. This will not be tolerated.
  9. No tobacco products, alcohol or drugs are permitted at the field before, during or after a game or practice.
Managers / Coaches who do not abide by this code of conduct may have their coaching privileges suspended at the discretion of the league.

Player Code of Conduct

Little League is a leadership development program above an athletic league. All players should aim to exhibit leadership qualities, which are demonstrated through sportsmanship, motivating teammates and opponents, giving best effort at practices and games, and representing our league with good behavior.

Sunnyvale Little League expects the following standards of conduct and behavior of all players. Please review this Code of Conduct with your child:
  1. Play for the fun of the game.
  2. Show good sportsmanship at all times – win or lose.
  3. Respect your coaches, teammates, opponents, parents and umpires.
  4. Be a team player and get along with your teammates. Be positive. Don't criticize.
  5. Don't be selfish. Your teammates deserve the same chances as you.
  6. Learn the rules of the game and play by them.
  7. Try your best at all times. Work hard and try to improve your skills.
  8. Be willing to try every position. You never know which one will be the most fun.
  9. Never argue with or show disrespect towards the umpire or coaches.
  10. Do not harass or act disrespectfully towards the opposing team.
  11. Regularly attend practices and games.
  12. Be on time.
  13. Do not throw bats or helmets. These actions can lead to an immediate ejection from a game or suspension from practice.
  14. NEVER intentionally hurt another player. This will lead to an immediate ejection from the game or practice, suspension from future games, and/or dismissal from the team.
  15. Do not swear or use profane language.
  16. Do help to pick up equipment and clean the dugout after every game and practice. Ask the coach what else you can do to help.

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