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Contact: Safety Officer

Baseball is a great game when it can be learned and enjoyed to its fullest. We want to make Little League baseball a safe and enjoyable experience that the players and their families will remember for a lifetime. Sunnyvale Little League follows the guidelines set by LL international for safety preparedness and training as well as the regulated background checks and training that are also now required by CA state law.

In January 2022, California Assembly Bill 506 went into effect joining previous statutes AB-2007 and AB-379. Collectively these laws require all youth sports volunteers who have material exposure to children to complete the following:
  • One time fingerprinting by a certified agency
  • Complete Mandatory Reporter training
  • Concussion recognition and treatment protocol training
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest recognition training

Little League Baseball also requires the following training:
  • Annual background check
  • Diamond Leader Training (for all postseason coaches)

In all cases, these tasks must be completed before the volunteer is allowed to conduct any league activity where children are present. This applies to team head coaches, assistant coaches and umpires. Team admins are required to complete the background check process, but not the other trainings.

Other volunteer positions not directly interacting with kids are not required to complete these items.

1. Annual Background Checks (No Cost)
As required by Little League International (Regulation I(c) 8), we will be performing annual background checks on volunteers to prevent those who would pose a danger to our children from associating with the program. If you intend to participate as a volunteer, it is mandatory that you completely fill out the Little League Volunteer Application online thru the JDP quick app process

2. One Time - Fingerprinting (must be completed specifically for SVLL):

Fingerprints must be collected by a certified agency. Here is a list of local agencies which may complete this:
  • Santa Clara County Sherriff - 1602 S. De Anza Blvd, Suite 148, Cupertino (408-868-6614)
  • Bay Area Solutions - 847 S. McGlincy Lane, Campbell (408-377-7446)
  • Verify Group - 262 E. Hamilton Ave, Campbell (408-761-2156
  • WellnesMart MD - 1645 S. Bascom Ave, Campbell (408-429-8130)
  • UPS Store - 2784 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara (408-247-4010)
  • Mail All Center - 809 Cuesta Dr, Ste B Mountain View (650-961-4646)
The parent volunteer should contact one of these agencies and make an appointment to have fingerprints collected. This service should cost in the $25 range and is paid by the volunteer, the volunteer will need to pay at the time of service, but will be reimbursed up to $25 by the league.

You must download this form, fill out the "Applicant Information" section(stop after the Applicant Signature and Date section), print the form, sign and date it, and bring it with you to the fingerprinting agency. They will not process your fingerprints without this form. You must also submit a photo of the form after the fingerprinting agency adds their information at the bottom of the form. Submit this to info@sunnyvalelittleleague.com

A note on fingerprinting: The collection of fingerprints is tied to our league specifically. If your employment or another volunteer role requires fingerprinting, you cannot use fingerprints collected for Sunnyvale Little League use and vice versa. You must have fingerprints collected for each respective situation. Fingerprinting is only required once for the volunteer's tenure with the league.

3a. One Time - Mandatory Reporter Training (No Cost):

Per California law, all league volunteers must complete Mandatory Reporter Training. There is no fee for this training and must be completed online here. This training is required only the FIRST YEAR a volunteer participates in the league, in subsequent years item 3b is required.

Once the volunteer has completed this training, they will receive an electronic certificate of completion. The volunteer must send a copy of this certificate to the league Custodian of Record here.

3b. Annual - Little League required Child Abuse Prevention (No Cost)

Per Little League Regulations (new in 2024), an annual abuse prevention training is required. If this is your first year volunteering and/or you have not completed 3a (one-time CA requirement), you will need to complete that requirement this year and 3b in subsequent years.

To complete this training, please go here, register for an account if you don't already have one, then select the "Abuse Awareness for Adults" course. Once completed, you will receive an email with a link to the certificate indicating you have completed the course. The volunteer must send a copy of this certificate to the league Custodian of Record here. here.

4. One Time - Concussion awareness and protocol training (No Cost):

Per AB-2007, youth sports organizations must adopt concussion recognition and treatment protocols, including training volunteers. This requirement is satisfied by completion of a free online training course, found here, upon successful completion a certificate will be presented. The volunteer must send a copy of this certificate to the league Custodian of Record here.

5. One Time - Cardiac Arrest awareness and protocol training (No Cost):

Per AB-379, youth sports organizations must adopt sudden cardiac arrest prevention protocols, including training volunteers. This requirement is satisfied by completion of a free online training course, found here, upon completion a certificate will be presented. The volunteer must send a copy of this certificate to the league Custodian of Record here.

Note that for items 3, 4, 5 - if the volunteer has completed these items as part of another volunteer organization and can produce certifications of completion those can be submitted to fulfill the requirement subject to review by the league safety officer. This DOES NOT apply to fingerpriting, which must be completed specifically for SVLL (State of California requirement).

It is the responsibility of each manager, coach or administrator who uses volunteers to verify with the Safety Officer that each such volunteer has passed the screening requirements.

6. Diamond Leader Training - Post Season coaching requirement
This is a mandatory training for any manager or coach serving in this capacity in the postseason tournament, but is recommended for all coaches. This training is conducted online. Once completed, an online certification will be issued. This certification must be sent to the Instructional Director for archiving.
This training is available online at this location

Safety on the Field
The safety of players, volunteers, families and spectators is a priority of the Sunnyvale Little League Board of Directors, managers and coaches. Please make it your own priority, as well.

Sunnyvale LL provides training for all managers, coaches and board members. We provide the training materials, available to everyone, on this website so that we can all be observant for possible safety issues and be ready to assist anyone injured during a game or practice. First Aid kits have been provided to each team and must be brought to every practice and game. A larger First Aid kit is kept in both Snack Shacks (Serra Park & De Anza Park).

All uses of the First Aid kits should be logged and more significant events should be reported through the Safety Incident Reporting Process. As supplies are used, replacement materials must be requested from the Safety Officer before they reach critical levels. An exchange of a seriously depleted First Aid kit can also be requested from the Safety Officer.

Safety Incident Reporting Directions and Forms

For information on accident reporting, click here.

Safety Training Materials

To access Sunnyvale LL's safety training materials, click here.

The training materials linked above are used for in class and online training. Printed copies are provided in the team and Snack Shack First Aid kits for use on the field.

Little League International Resources

Little League provides numerous resources on their website, littleleague.org, including the following items:

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