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Sunnyvale Little League News

2022 Volunteer of the Year - Tom Daron

Each year, the Sunnyvale Little League Board of Directors recognizes an individual for their commitment to, and participation in our league. This volunteer exemplifies the ideals and goals of Little League Baseball and our league, by dedicating themselves to the development of players in our league.

This year, we recognize Tom Daron as our 2022 Sunnyvale Little League Volunteer of the Year.

Tom has served as a board member since 2014, serving as Equipment Director. In addition to his role leading the league, he has served as a manager since 2013 leading teams for 10 seasons. As a manager, his leadership is unmatched. As a manager his teams have won:

- 2018 California District 44 10/9/8 All Star Championship

- 2018 California Section 5 10/9/9 Championship

- 2019 California District 44 11/10/9 All Star Championship

- 2019 California Section 5 11/10/9 All Star Championship

- 2021 California District 44 Intermediate 50/70 Tournament of Champions Title

- 2021 California District 44 Intermediate 50/70 All Star Championship

- 2021 California Section 5 Intermediate 50/70 All Star Championship

- 2021 Northern California Intermediate 50/70 All Star State Championship

He will lead our Juniors Team in the 2022 post season.

Please join us in thanking Tom for his years of service to our league, and congratulating him as we recognize him as our 2022 Volunteer of the Year.

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