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Hot Weather Policy

To help prevent heat related illness, SVLL is adopting a Heat Index based approach to suspending league activity during periods of excessive heat. In all cases, Managers should use their discretion and err on the side of caution if there is any question about safety.

Actual Temperature or Heat Index (whichever is greater) shall be used to determine thresholds for play. Heat Index shall be determined by accuweather.com (ReelFeel temperature) or weather.com (Feels Like temperature) entering zip code 94087. During periods of increased heat, Managers should check the forecast and make a judgment to cancel practice ahead of time should the forecasted temperatures exceed the thresholds. If the forecast is below the threshold, managers should check temperatures closer to game/practice time to confirm it’s still OK to play.

During Spring Ball, Managers may propose to reschedule a canceled game, schedule permitting. During Fall Ball, canceled games will not be rescheduled due to the compressed schedule of the Fall Season.

Temperature / Heat Index Precautions
Under 95 degrees F
  • Kids should be well hydrated prior to game/practice.
  • Allow Frequent water/shade breaks during practice.
  • Monitor kids for signs of exhaustion or stress (see safety manual).
95 - 99 degrees F Same as above plus:
  • During Practice - Mandatory Water breaks every 20 minutes in shaded area.
  • During Games - encourage hydration in dugout while on offense.
  • Allow kids water when requested Recheck Heat Index at every water break, suspending practice if it exceeds 100 degrees F (Manager/Umpire check every 2 innings during games)
  • Consider alternate practice options, limiting practice duration, more off field drills in shaded areas.
  • Alert parents of the possibility of cutting practice short.
100 degrees F or higher
  • Suspend practice/games.
  • If in progress, alert parents to pickup kids, keep team in shaded area until picked up.

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