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Sunnyvale Little League News

Serra Little League and Sunnyvale Southern Little League are now Sunnyvale Little League

Baseball in Sunnyvale is changing! After months of work by parent volunteers, the two leagues have merged to form the new Sunnyvale Little League.

The merge is effective immediately. All baseball operations will operate as the new league for the 2017 Little League Baseball Season.


Registration for the new league is officially open. Details regarding registration may be found here.

League Boundaries

Sunnyvale Little League's boundaries cover the former territories of Serra Little League and Sunnyvale Southern Little League. The new boundaries are defined as:
  • Starting at the corner of DeAnza Blvd. and Stevens Creek Blvd
  • DeAnza Blvd turns into Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd (heading toward Sunnyvale)
  • Right on East Fremont Avenue
  • Left on Picasso Drive
  • Left on Crescent Avenue
  • Right on Michelangelo Drive
  • Right on East Remington Drive which turns into South Fair Oaks Avenue
  • Left on Old San Francisco Road
  • Left jog over on S. Sunnyvale Avenue to W. El Camino Real
  • Right on West El Camino Real
  • Left on Knickerbocker (Both sides of Knickerbocker are in Sunnyvale territory)
  • Knickerbocker follows the path of Highway 85, the Sunnyvale neighborhoods that are on the border of 85 are in Sunnyvale territory
  • There is a slight jog that leads up to W Fremont Avenue following the City limits of Sunnyvale
  • The boundaries continue from Highway 85
  • Right on W Fremont Avenue to Permanente Creek
  • Boundary runs the length of Permanente Creek to Stevens Creek Boulevard
  • Left on Stevens Creek Boulevard
  • Return to the corner of Stevens Creek Boulevard and De Anza Boulevard
If you do not live within the Sunnyvale Little League boundaries OR your child does not attend a school within our boundaries, please visit www.cad44.org for neighboring Little Leagues

[Click here to view this map in Google Maps]

School Boundary Exception

A modification to the Little League's residency rule was implemented in 2014 from Little League International. The rule in brief reads: 'A player may qualify for residency of a league if, the player attends a school within the league boundaries.' Or worded slightly differently: 'Player A that live within League B boundaries and attends school within League C boundaries has the option of playing baseball within either League B or C without penalty.' Example: If player A lives outside the boundaries of Sunnyvale LL but attends school that's address is within Sunnyvale LL's boundaries (like Cherry Chase Eleementary , West Valley, Cupertino Middle School, or Sunnyvale Middle School), player A qualifies as a "resident" of Sunnyvale LL and may play baseball with Sunnyvale LL without penalty. Proof of participation with a school may be a report card, progress report or admissions letter.

Schools which qualify within the Sunnyvale Little League boundaries include:
  • Challenger School - Sunnyvale Campus
  • Cherry Chase Elementary School
  • Cumberland Elementary School
  • Cupertino Middle School
  • Garden Gate Elementary School
  • Monteclaire Elementary
  • Nimitz Elementary School
  • Resurrection Parish School
  • St Simon Parish School
  • Stevens Creek Elementary
  • Stratford School - Sunnyvale-DeAnza Campus
  • South Peninsula Hebrew Day School
  • Sunnyvale Middle School
  • West Valley Elementary


Have a question about the merge? We've assembled a few we expect from our membership. Please review this list and if you still have questions, please submit them to Sunnyvale Little League's Co-Presidents here.

1. Why did the two leagues merge?

A: There were a number of factors that went into the decision to merge our two leagues, but the primary reason was that participation numbers in Little League Baseball have been declining year after year. In order for the two leagues to remain viable, the Board of Directors for both leagues convened to weighs both the pros and cons of a merge. In the end. we felt it was in the best intersts of the children who want the opportunity to play Little League baseball, that a combined league would best serve that objective.

Our leagues are completely manned by our members who volunteer for various jobs across the league. As participation numbers have dwindled, it's also become more difficult to staff the various roles required to operate the league. By joining forces, we have the ability to spread the work out across our membership base.

2. Who is managing the new league?

A: All standing Board Members from Serra Little League and Sunnyvale Southern Little League were given the option to continue with the new Sunnyvale Little League Board of Directors. The new board directory may be found here.

3. How will players be assigned to teams at each level in the new league?

A: In order to develop a successful youth sports program, any league must balance the need for fun, development and competitiveness among the player base. This should be applied to all levels offered by our league. We understand that younger players want to play with their friends, so teams at the T-Ball, Pioneer and Farm levels will incorporate more grouping by residential geography. We do however need to ensure that teams also maintain some balalnce in terms of competitiveness, so that no one team dominates another.

While we cannot guarantee it, every effort will be made to form teams at these levels with residential geography in mind, so as to ease the ability for parents to get their players to regular practices. We encourage all players who intend to play at the Farm level to attend the Farm Evaluations on January 21st so that the Lower Level Player Agent, Division Director and coaches may evaluate the player's readiness for the Farm Division. These evaluations will also be taken into consideration when forming Farm level teams.

As players develop their baseball skills and age up into Minors, Majors and Junior level play, formal player drafts are utilized to form teams. This includes player tryouts, which provide the managers who are leading these teams the opportunity to see the skill level of respective players before drafting them.

4. Will the new league utilize a Farm draft?

As the league looks to implement the roster balance described in the previous question, we recognize that Farm is typically a point in which players are making the jump to more organized play. This balance is required in order to make baseball a compelling sports option for the children in our community. After careful review, the league has elected to implement a Farm player evaluation, which will be used by the Farm Division Director and Lower Level Player Agents to assign players to their respective teams, rather than conducting a formal draft. The league will take residential geography and friend requests into consideration when teams are formed.

5. How will cash reserves be managed now that the leagues have merged?

Both leagues maintain a cash reserve. It was agreed by the Board of Directors from both leagues to contribute a sum of money into a joint pool, which will be used to pay for various common league expenses. The remainder of each league's cash reserve will be used to address several capital improvements at Serra Park (using Serra surplus funds) and De Anza Park (using Southern surplus funds). Each former league's surplus will be managed by current Sunnyvale Little League Board Members who formerly served on their respective boards.

6. Which field will serve as the home base for the new Sunnyvale Little League?

We are lucky to have two fantastic facilities in Serra Park and De Anza Park. At this time, there is no intention of using one more than the other. With the expanding size of the player base, we will need all existing facilities in order to accommodate what we expect to be a very busy game and practice schedule this spring.

7. What are the biggest changes I can expect as a parent?

As was mentioned earlier, Little League Baseball is powered by our great pool of parent volunteers. Our new league requires all parents to contribute their time to help the league run smoothly. The new combined Board of Directors voted to adopt the model of requiring all parents to volunteer for a League Level Volunteer Position as well as serving a Team Volunteer Position (snack shack duty). For more information on these roles, please refer to the "volunteer positions" defined in Sunnyvale LL Registration.

Please submit any additional questions to Sunnyvale Little League's Co-Presidents here.
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